Platform Lifts in Manchester

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Platform Lifts in ManchesterPlatform lifts in Manchester, supplied and installed by Motion Elevators, serves multiple purposes for schools, hospitals, churches, office complexes, private homes and more. You must have accessibility for those in wheelchairs and scooters or others unable to navigate stairs. A platform lift meets those needs at surprisingly low cost. However, our platform lifts and accessories are strong and stable. They take only a little room and operate quietly. When you have multi-level floors in your facility, especially shallow levels where you wouldn’t ordinarily need an multi-floor elevator, our platform lifts will bring you into compliance for accessibility. They are so easy to operate; roll the wheelchair or step onto the platform, press the button up or down and easily exit the lift. Moms with prams find platform lifts helpful as well.

You can trust us at Motion Elevators to provide durable, well made platform lifts along with passenger and dumb waiter lifts. For those with mobility difficulties in Manchester, platforms lifts allow for free movement throughout multi-level complexes without further assistance. Our lifts are used in private homes as well making it possible for some physically handicapped people to remain in their own homes. If you feel an exterior ramp doesn’t suit, consider a platform lift to access the porch from the ground. Place shopping bags on the lift then roll yourself on and press up to find yourself and your shopping  bags safely deposited at the front or back door.

Accommodate a large sector of the population by choosing platform lifts in Manchester. Our lifts make the day go smoothly and don’t detract from your decor. We offer colours and finishes that will blend into your colour scheme. Choose automatic door openers and remote controls for easy access for everyone. Contact Motion Elevators and we’ll come to you. We can demonstrate the right lift for the available space, provide professional installation and follow up with guarantees, maintenance packages and repairs if needed in the future. We’re your one stop for the right lifts or combination of lifts for your building.

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