Kitchen Lifts in Manchester

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Kitchen Lifts in ManchesterThere are numerous tasks that could be made simpler, more efficient and less labour intensive with the installation of kitchen lifts in Manchester by Motion Elevators. It all adds up to more time and more money for bakeries, banquet halls, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and corporate office complexes. Any food storage, prep, serve, clean up venue operating on two or more levels will find our kitchen lifts a smart investment. Cook or baker need more food supplies from lower level, more tables and chairs, clean tablecloths and napkins? Maybe the kitchen is on the lower level away from the elegant dining room on the first floor and the bar lounge on the second floor. Wait and clean up staff would be running up and down stairs all night to serve their customers dinner and drinks in the dining room.

If you have ever worked in a kitchen that serves the public or housing residents, you know exactly where the lifts would save your time and energy. In Manchester, kitchen lifts come in two choices. The well-known dumb waiter can be installed to serve two or three floors. It’s the perfect way to send food, drinks and tableware between floor levels as well as dirty dishes and table cloths. Our dumbwaiters are stainless steel and approved for the food industry. Choose a maximum weight of 50kg or 100kg and one or two sided opening. In addition you might find a freight lift valuable for transporting large volumes of supplies along with an attendant for a total weight capacity up to 2000kg. These are not meant to be used as passenger lifts.

At Motion Elevators sell and install kitchen lifts in Manchester and throughout the North West. We also repair and refurbish older models. We have staff on call 24 hours a day to handle emergency breakdowns. Our own company staff will undertake performance checks and preventative maintenance. Contact Motion Elevators and let’s talk about your kitchen lift needs. We’ve been doing this work since 1974 and our team of professional techs get the job done right for both commercial and domestic kitchens. You read that right; we can install a kitchen lift in your home kitchen. Think about that.

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