Service Lifts in Leeds

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Service Lifts in LeedsService lifts in Leeds can make life a whole lot easier. We have been in the industry for over 44 years and have the experience to cater for all needs. Our service lifts assist in facilitating the movement of goods in a variety of situations and building structures. We provide and install passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and dumb waiter lifts for any and all requirements. Our passenger lifts utilise hydraulics or electric traction, and our platform lifts are ideal for disable access with their host of additional features such as remote controls and customisability. When it comes to service lifts, we have even more to offer.

For the easy and convenient movement of goods throughout your building in Leeds, service lifts are solution. We manufacture our own service lifts using high quality modern equipment to ensure reliable and consistent functionality. Our service lifts can operate hydraulically or with electric traction. Our standard goods lift designs can carry any load from 300kg to 10 000kg, depending on your needs. Specialist goods lifts can carry up to 2000kg rated load with room for one or two attendants to safely escort the goods during the lift. These lifts are an excellent choice for buildings that need frequent swift movement of large loads, such as multi-level restaurants, care facilities and warehouses. Our specialist lift designs bring an innovative new aspect to goods transport, with their freestanding modular structure that requires no machine room, no pit and no major construction work for the installation and operation. Our dumb waiter lifts are another option if you have smaller items to move. This is not restricted to items such as food or documents but includes larger loads that are still lightweight, such as laundry, retail goods or waste items. Dumb waiter lifts are ideal for the food and hospitality industries, including hotels, hospitals and the like.

We are dedicated to supplying high performance, top quality service lifts in Leeds and the greater North West area. Contact Motion Elevators for service lifts. We supply and install your chosen lifts with friendly and professional service, and offer regular servicing as well as repairs and refurbishments. Our service lifts comply with all safety requirements and offer efficiency, affordability and attractive, space-saving appearances from top to bottom.

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