Lift Servicing in Manchester

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Lift Servicing in ManchesterYou can count on us for lift servicing in Manchester as we offer a full service.  We install, service and repair all lifts including passenger, disabled access, service lifts and dumbwaiters. The purpose of lift servicing is preventative maintenance. We check the system frequently enough to catch any trouble spots. The plan is to adjust and repair before they become surprise breakdowns during busy hours. How frequently your lifts need servicing depends on how much use they get and the load weights. But you’re busy and we understand that little thought is given to lifts as long as they are working today. If we installed your lifts we likely offered you a maintenance schedule that suits your needs.

Either way, if you do not have a maintenance schedule in place we can make the best recommendation for your lifts and contract with you accordingly. In Manchester, lift servicing is one business detail you won’t have to think about. We’ll remember to schedule as agreed and records of maintenance will be available to you. A maintenance call by one of our engineers will require the lift be shut down for the time required. For lifts, as anything with moving and weight bearing parts, maintenance includes cleaning and lubricating all the components so they move smoothly. We also  perform a complete safety check. The integrity of the structure is thoroughly inspected. If  we observe worn parts or any other safety or functional concerns our team will document the faults and our recommendations to remedy those faults.

Motion Elevators will make any needed repairs found during a lift servicing in Manchester under a separate contract. Our report may contain the urgency of the repairs and our cost to undertake the job. Why not contact Motion Elevators for a long established, honest lift company you can count on for installation, repairs and complete refurbishment? Our company was established in 1974 so we have considerable experience and knowledge in the industry. Courteous customers service and complete customer satisfaction is always our goal for a job well done.

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