Kitchen Lifts in Liverpool

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Kitchen Lifts in LiverpoolDumbwaiters or kitchen lifts in Liverpool are small freight elevators or lifts that have been designed to carry objects rather than people. These lifts are found in many modern structures including commercial, public and private buildings. They are often connected between multiple floors and are often installed in restaurants, schools, hospitals and retirement homes and generally terminate in the kitchen. The initial design and development of the dumbwaiter took place in 1887. It is usually a moveable frame in a shaft with a cart. It is normally operated by a small electric motor today but in the past was hand controlled by means of ropes and pulleys.

If you have bulky items such as files or documents that need to be carried to other floors in your building in Liverpool, kitchen lifts may cut delivery time in half. Although kitchen lifts are normally used to convey food from one story to another they can be utilise in many different ways. Automatic control systems can be installed for easy operation of the kitchen lift. They are also used to convey mail in office towers where there will be a door on every floor. Large libraries also use dumbwaiters to send books up and down as needed. By far the largest use is in restaurants and kitchens where the food needs to be delivered in quantity to an upper or lower floor. The kitchen lift needs to run smoothly and quickly so as to deliver the food while still hot.

There are features of our kitchen lifts in Liverpool that are exceptional. Contact Motion Elevators today to discuss your lift requirements with one of our experts. Our company was established in 1974 and has a long and proven track record in the lift industry. We can design a lift or vertical platform for almost any space. Our innovative designs can be incorporated by the architect in the planning phase of building or added into a refurbishment in an older building. We can design the shafts of a lift out of special multilayered steel panels or tempered safety glass panels. A maximum of three doors can be installed on each floor to allow maximum accessibility.

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