Lift Servicing in Bolton

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Lift Servicing in BoltonLife moves at a fast pace so lift servicing in Bolton should be on list of regularly scheduled maintenance. One passenger lift in a two lift building breaks down and tenants and their clients are highly inconvenienced. Your busy restaurant depends on dumb waiters to keep the flow of food orders moving to the dining room and dirty dishes moving back to the kitchen. One breaks down and customers start complaining about the slow service. Certain codes must be followed for the maintenance of lifts, but sometimes breakdowns still occur and it’s never a convenient time. When it happens to you, a member of our team will respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day.

Motion Elevators was established in 1974 for the installation, service, repair and refurbishment of passenger, goods, dumb waiter and platform lifts. In Bolton, lift servicing with Motion Elevators is reliable. Our lift experience and participation in the industry is extensive. That is why you can be sure when you call us for a service or repair you can depend on our reliability and knowledge. Nobody knows how to fix a lift better than the one who installed it so of course we are available for new installations of all types of lifts. We can also refurbish older lifts to give them a more modern look and a fresh updated interior. Or we can install a completely new lift in an existing shaft.

Our lift servicing in Bolton, including refurbishment, will inspire confidence in those who use your lifts. At best, you would like the lift user to notice nothing because of the quiet and smooth operation. Refurbishment will do that for the lifts in your building. They will be safe and compliant with all safety regulations, have a modern updated look, perform reliably and smoothly. Contact Motion Elevators for regular maintenance, emergency repairs, complete refurbishment or replacement or a whole new installation. We’re committed to making sure the lifts you select meet your needs and that of your customers, clients and employees. We know it’s important to keep everything and everybody in motion.

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