Lift Servicing in Manchester Warrington

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Lift Servicing in ManchesterWhen you need top quality lift servicing in Manchester, contact the specialists. We can handle any aspect of lift servicing, repairs and maintenance, no matter what the model and make. Established in 1974, we continue to maintain the highest standards prevailing in the industry. Being a local business, we maintain strong ties in the local communities and add the personal touch to every project we undertake, no matter how big or small. Along with this, we ensure that we give our customers access to the latest technologies, products and information from across international markets. All our solutions are tailored to meet your expectations, needs, preferences and budget. Customer-service is top priority for our highly-trained, experienced team and that is what sets us apart from others in this sector.

We supply and install a wide range of lifts for diverse purposes. In Manchester, lift servicing should be part of the general maintenance of your building. Whether it’s a commercial or residential construction, safety and comfort of occupants is very important. Often, this aspect is given low priority since owners are reluctant to invest in routine servicing unless a crisis happens. However, this is an extremely risky and short-term way of thinking and it can pose a serious hazard. You can also harm your brand image and lower the value of the property if the lifts give trouble and are unreliable. It is also legally mandated that lifts are kept in good condition so owners could be in violation of the law if they fail to do so. The frequency of servicing depends on the number,  make, model, purpose, age and general use of the lift. The number of floors served and the general profile of users can also play a part in deciding the maintenance/servicing schedule.

Our experienced, trained team can help you design a sensible, practical and affordable schedule for lift servicing in Manchester. We check the operation, performance, lubrication, safety features, and also clean it thoroughly. To find out more about our lift servicing, contact Motion Elevators today. We make recommendations for minor repairs that are necessary or suggest upgrades for better safety and convenience.

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