Lift Servicing in Warrington

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Lift Servicing in WarringtonAt Motion Elevators we undertake lift servicing in Warrington. We are a well-established and reputable installer of lifts of all types; passenger, supply, handicapped, dumb waiters and more. As a result, we are fully familiar with every part of every type of lift. Naturally, you want a company with our level of knowledge to service and maintain your lifts. We know what to look for and what to listen for. We know our manufacturers and the differences of each from the other. However, all are motorised and computerised with movable parts and therefore they require regular maintenance. Public and private lifts must be maintained to standards.

When lifts are maintained to standards they will likely need fewer repairs and replacement parts and therefore less down time. We often find in Warrington, lift servicing will reveal the worn and outdated parts that will inevitably need replacing during the life of a lift. That is better than waiting for it to break down to discover the need for replacement. The series of motors, pulleys, cables, brakes and safety mechanisms as well as computerised sensors will ultimately need some repairs. If yours is an older lift it may not be compliant with newer standards. We can refurbish it with the updates so it meets standards and operates safely. That action will allow you to extend the life of your lift instead of replacing it with a new installation.

One area of lift servicing in Warrington that often gets overlooked is the home lift. The home lift is not designed to operate all day and night like lifts in commercial buildings. The lighter use doesn’t necessarily mean a longer lifespan unless it’s maintained. Maintenance and replacement of worn parts should be diligently carried out on a regular schedule to prevent home mishaps where there may no one around to help. Contact Motion Elevators for all your lift maintenance, repair, refurbishing, replacement or new installations. Our team is highly skilled and experienced and diligent about keeping up with new safety features so your lifts will always meet operational standards.

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