Disabled Lifts in Wigan

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Disabled Lifts in WiganDisabled lifts in Wigan are part of the solution for companies, public buildings such as schools, churches and medical facilities as well as retail stores to ensure disabled people can access goods, services and even employment opportunities. Motion Elevators is a well-established company in the business of installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of elevators and lifts of all types. Our expertise includes disabled access such as wheelchair and platform lifts as well as lifts that traverse through floors. Most disabled lifts are utilised for partial floor stairways of six or eight stairs. Open floor plan buildings often use partial levels to designate sections. The aesthetics of spaciousness is pleasant to most and often found on main floors or lobbies of high-rise buildings otherwise serviced by vertical elevators.

Motion Elevators is able to offer many options as part of our disabled access solutions. For our clients in Wigan, disable lifts from our company offer the benefit of maintaining a low profile and blending with the decor. Choose from many colours and finishes with safety glass enclosures, remote controls, automatic door openers and an easy to see and user friendly control panel. You don’t want to turn away business or services to the large number of people who can’t climb stairs. That naturally includes wheelchair users but also those experiencing arthritis, using crutches or in a cast due to injury or other physical disability that interferes with stair climbing. Mums with pushchairs or prams welcome lifts as well.

Another place disabled lifts in Wigan are life changing is in the private homes of the disabled. Homes built on multi-levels instead of multi-storied are no easier to navigate for the disabled. Our lifts allow the disabled to stay in their own home without detracting from the aesthetics of the decor. We can install one or more lifts in your home. Maybe you need an outside lift to access porch level; we can do that with a lift that is completely weather proof. Contact Motion Elevators for full information and price quotes on lifts for the disabled and the many options available. Our disabled lifts are built for safety in all circumstances including power outages. Your lift has a power back up and emergency alert to so you can feel safe alone in your own home.

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