Lift Servicing in Birmingham

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Lift Servicing in BirminghamLift servicing in Birmingham is critical to avoid violations of Health and Safety, which can lead to penalties. More importantly, regular service must be carried out to protect the safety of lift passengers. Even a minor injury or inconvenience that causes distress to a passenger could result in an expensive lawsuit. We tell you all this but it’s likely you already know and you want to find a lift servicing provider because it’s the right thing to do. Motion Elevators has been a respected provider of lift installation, servicing, repair and refurbishment since 1974. New safety technologies are frequently introduced to make passenger lifts more easily monitored for safety during operation. We keep up with the latest innovations and perform scheduled service for all types of lifts.  

As lift specialists, we recommend a comprehensive maintenance programme be scheduled for all lifts in your building based on frequency of use and age For building owners in Birmingham, lift servicing that meets safety standards will keep your passengers safer, reduce the risk of accidents and operation break downs, and expand the operational life of the lift. You will also be compliant with regulations and your liability risks will decrease. At Motion Elevators we suggest the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Our rates are reasonable and the small maintenance investment will save you money by preventing some major repairs, emergency service for breakdowns, litigation and fewer repair call outs.

When we schedule the frequency of lift servicing in Birmingham, we take into consideration how the lift is used; is it 24 hours a day or ten hours a day; inside or outside; constant use as in a hospital setting or lightly used in private office buildings. We always have spare parts available for any needed replacements and all the motors, pulleys and operational mechanisms are carefully inspected for wear. Safety features such as remote checking system, lighting, threshold level with door on each floor, door tracks clean for smooth operation, emergency call buttons and so much more. Contact Motion Elevators and let us help you stay current with elevator safety and maintenance regulations. Our maintenance regimen is thorough and protects you and your patrons.

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