Goods Lifts in Liverpool

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Goods lifts in LiverpoolMultiple types of goods lifts in Liverpool may be required by your commercial building. Goods Lifts are one of many kinds you’ll find at Motion Elevators. We’ve been established since 1974 and offer a completely reliable and comprehensive service. Count on us for new installations, maintenance contracts and service, repairs and complete refurbishment for all types of lifts. It’s critical to keep your people and goods movers in tip top safety and operating condition. At Motion Elevators, our team will keep your lifts compliant with safety codes and updated to present an aesthetically pleasing and confidence inspiring appearance. A mechanically perfect lift does not inspire confidence unless it looks clean and modern. We know you want both for the lifts in your buildings.

Install platform lifts to easily manoeuvre goods throughout your buildings multiple levels and partial levels. In Liverpool, goods lifts include full elevators to carry heavy goods and attendants, platform lifts for moving heavy goods through partial levels. We most often think of dumb waiter lifts as a means to move food and dishes between kitchen and dining room in homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools and more. Dumb waiters used in the food industry are definitely a time and back saver but other industries have adopted them to lighten their loads. For instance; moving books in libraries and mail or other communications in office buildings. Dumb waiters are available in two different sizes but can be customised. Those used in food services meet government sanitation standards.

Our goods lifts in Liverpool can handle weights up to 10,000kg making your workload lighter. Lifts are subject to rigid government safety standards. The many working parts need to be checked for wear and replaced in a timely manner to maintain safety. We offer an emergency service for unexpected breakdowns but we also serve as maintenance engineers to undertake the safety checks required by law. At Motion Elevators we are intrinsically aware and familiar with all aspects of lifts. Contact us for installation, refurbishment, repair or for emergency breakdowns. You can trust our experience and conscientious attention to every detail in the performance of lifts.

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