Lift Servicing in Cheshire

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Lift Servicing in CheshireWhatever type of lift servicing in Cheshire you need, we’re well equipped to undertake it all. We’ve been in business since 1974, so there’s a chance we were the original installers of your lift. Who better to service, repair or refurbish your lift than the ones who initially installed it. Even if we did not do the initial installation on your lift, odds are good that we have installed and serviced those just like them. We’re not limited to just passenger lifts or dumbwaiters. We service all types of lifts including vehicle, goods only, disabled and platform lifts. Every lift is an integral part of your building or business operations. When one is not working, life is a little more difficult for others in the building. When some are not maintained with scheduled servicing, it can actually be dangerous to the safety of building occupants.

There are lift maintenance standards in place by our government for the purpose of protecting the safety of the general public. In Cheshire, lift servicing to meet those standards is carried out by our experienced team of engineers. All are certified and experienced. We do our job of service, maintenance, refurbishment and installation with the gravity of responsibility that comes with human safety. As the building manager or owner, you will have the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing. If you don’t, we likely have the information. Those guideline and schedules should be carefully adhered to. You have invested in the unit so protect it with the care that will keep it running smoothly and safely. We also update some components when called for.

Sometimes, lift servicing in Cheshire is needed on an emergency basis for repairs. For those emergencies, Motion Elevators are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Not all lift servicing is safety oriented. Your busy restaurant, hotel laundry, and inventory stores are dependent on lifts moving supplies to where they’re needed. In a high rise building or even two floors, having an inoperable or slow lift can cause chaos. Contact Motion Elevators. We work with you to keep everything moving up and down safely and consistently without breakdowns. Lifts for wheelchairs or other disable persons are essential to provide needed services. Let us keep them quietly and smoothly operating and at competitive rates.

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