Lift Servicing in Warrington Completed by a Professional Team

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Lift Servicing in WarringtonLift servicing in Warrington must be carried out by skilled engineers. Who better to do that than those who install and repair them? We have a long history of working to a high standard for installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing. One reason our standards are high is because we follow the manufacturers’ recommendations. Our own industry has recommended standards and we adhere closely to those. Finally, we have our own company standards which remind us that the public safety during lift use could depend on our conscientious attention to detail. We are on call for emergency service every day of the year, 24 hours a day. An out of commission elevator can work a tremendous hardship on building occupants and create a possible safety concern.

We can’t service your lift unless you call and schedule us. For those building owners in Warrington, lift servicing should be carried out every six months. As the building owner, you are obligated to schedule the service for the safety of the public. The safe operation of lifts depends on many moving parts. Moving parts generally require adequate lubrication to operate smoothly. However, moving parts begin to wear and if neglected may fail. The major cause of a lift to break down is lack of proper servicing. If, during that breakdown a person is injured, you the building owner may be determined liable. Nobody wants to go there so contract your regular maintenance and inspections with us and we’ll oversee the safe and dependable operation.

During the course of lift servicing in Warrington, we examine the components and moving parts for wear and replace any worn or damaged parts. We may make adjustments to the operations to improve performance. We will also make sure those all-important fluid levels are accurate so the working parts are protected. Contact Motion Elevators for reliable and affordable lift servicing. Since 1974 we have been installing, repairing, refurbishing and servicing lifts for building owners in Warrington and the surrounding area. You can depend on our expertise with all types of lifts including passenger, handicapped, supply and freight elevators.

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