Lift Servicing in Cheadle, Easily Managed with Our Servicing Contract

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Lift Servicing in CheadleLift servicing in Cheadle is easily managed with our servicing contract. You want to ensure your lift is always safe to use and in perfectly smooth working order. The manufacturer of your lift or lifts provides their recommendations for maintenance frequency and guidelines. Our company has been established for over 45 years. Our services include new installations, refurbishment, maintenance and repairs for all types of lifts. We maintain an emergency call out service 365 days a year. Anytime, day or night, call us for emergency lift repairs. Commercial lift owners are required to maintain their lifts according to government regulations. Your lift servicing contract with us relieves you of those concerns.

Our engineers are highly experienced and we put customer service and satisfaction at the top along with lift safety. In Cheadle, lift servicing will result in lifts that are safe, secure, and always operate quietly and smoothly. We keep track of any new regulations so you are always in compliance. Servicing of your lifts includes all parts and operations that affect the safety and convenience of your riders. Therefore, while checks of the lift’s operation are crucial, your servicing agreement also covers the motion speed, door operations, phone communication and emergency equipment. It’s important that your riders feel safe going up and down on your lifts. That’s why you want to avoid unusual operating noises and bumpy rides.

Lift servicing in Cheadle includes a check of all moving parts for correct operation, lubrication, wear and tear on belts, pulleys and more. That is also part of our preventative maintenance which all service agreements should include. We carry out performance testing of the lifts control system which can vary from one lift to the next depending on age and the built in technology. If necessary we will replace bearings, ropes, brakes or gears to achieve optimum performance and safety. Contact Motion Elevators for all lift servicing requirements. Keep in mind that our services cover all lifts including handicapped lifts, material and service lifts and even private residence lifts. Dumb waiters also fall within our scope of service. You will receive exceptional service at competitive rates.

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