Lift Servicing in Ashton-under-Lyne: Keep Your Building’s Lifts in Excellent Condition

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Lift Servicing in Ashton-under-LyneCompetent and timely lift servicing in Ashton-under-Lyne from Motion Elevators will assure you meet legal safety standards. It’s also important to how you, as the building owner, is perceived by potential tenants, clients and customers. A ride from the lobby to your office level could define first impressions of your operating practices. A swift, quiet ride up may or may not make an impression on visitors. However, a noisy and jerky ride will definitely get their attention; but it’s negative attention. It may be enough to turn them against any further business discussions. Tenets in your building want to make a good first impression as well. So it’s always good business practices to keep your elevator operating, not just safely, but smoothly and quietly as well.

We’re a full service operation that installs, services, refurbishes and maintains lifts of all kinds throughout the North West since 1974. For our clients in Ashton-under-Lyne, lift servicing is carried out on a regularly scheduled basis following manufacturer recommendations. We are thoroughly familiar and experienced in the operation of all lift types and brands as well as all government safety regulations. Our expertise is inclusive of transport lifts for people and service lifts for goods. We include lifts for handicapped individuals, dumb waiters used in many commercial and medical facilities and even private home elevators. Our job is to keep people and things moving safely and reliably 24 hours a day.

Qualified and timely lift servicing in Ashton-under-Lyne is the best way to avoid breakdowns. We find and replace the worn components and keep the moving parts lubricated to prevent a malfunction or even a rough, slow noisy ride. However, breakdowns can still happen and if they do, we’re on call for emergency repairs 24/7. You can count on our engineers to be there and get everything working smoothly again. Contact Motion Elevators for all your lift servicing needs. We can work out a maintenance schedule that will help avoid interruptions. When it’s time, call on us for new installation, refurbishment to update an older unit and all repairs. 

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