Lift Repair in Bolton, Ensures your Lifts are Working Smoothly and Safely

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lift repair in BoltonLift repair in Bolton is often a part of our maintenance service. It is during maintenance that you want to make repairs not after the lift has broken down. Maintenance keeps the lift working smoothly, quickly and safely because we find the parts that are worn or damaged and replace them so service is never interrupted. It takes a lot of power to operate a lift. Anything that interferes and causes a shortage of power will result in a slow moving lift which can be annoying to building occupants. Most people know that a slow moving lift that is wobbly and noisy is a lift that has not been maintained and is in need of repair. Our engineers at Motion Elevators have decades of experience in the installation, maintenance, refurbishment and repair of lifts.

Lack of maintenance is the main cause of lift repairs but other things can go wrong unexpectedly. In Bolton, lift repair may be caused by malfunctioning relays, the control system or unfortunately, even vandalism. If you don’t have CCTV in your elevators, it might be worth considering for the safety of your building occupants and your equipment. A lift is a machine with moving parts and like all machines, parts wear out. Poor performance means something is not working at maximum capacity and you need to have the cause checked as soon as possible. All machines with moving parts are getting hot and creating friction which causes wear. Friction can also cause metal filings to get trapped in lubricants and slowly wear on other parts.

Lift repair in Bolton is a responsibility of the building owner or manager. By law, lifts need to be inspected on a regular basis for safety. At Motion Elevators our engineers offer a full range of services for all types of lifts, even dumb waiters. Wherever your lifts are used and whatever the purpose, a breakdown is usually an inconvenience at best and worst a tragedy. That’s why we put so much emphasis on regular maintenance and repair or replacement of worn parts. Contact Motion Elevators for lift repair. We are on call should you experience an emergency. We also carry out updating and refurbishment of your existing lift or, when it’s time, a complete replacement.

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