Regular Lift Servicing in Prescot – for Safety and Reliability

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Lift Servicing in Prescot Regular lift servicing in Prescot boosts safety and convenience in your building. At Motion Elevators, we give these two aspects top priority. We are on call 24×7, 365 days a year for emergencies, and also offer a comprehensive range of packages for servicing and maintenance. Our prices are attractive and competitive, with services matching industry-best practice. We also offer excellent services for installation, upgrades and refurbishment across Wigan and the North West. You may be a manager or owner of a building, residential community or apartment complex. Your duty and responsibility to your occupants includes protecting their convenience and safety. We provide servicing contracts that are in line with manufacturer recommendations.

For buildings in Prescot, lift servicing is important from a compliance point of view as well. Building safety regulations mandate that passenger and service lifts in buildings are kept in perfect running condition at all times. Longer waiting times and frequent breakdowns indicate that servicing is urgently needed to prevent a major crisis. Overheating, low power and excessive drawing of power by the lift could also indicate that there is a problem that needs to be attended to. Strange noises, squeaks, creaks and grinding sounds may not in themselves indicate a serious issue, but they frighten passengers. Sometimes, passengers may complain about jerky movements or abrupt stops. This could be more serious, and may be a problem connected with the brakes.

While choosing the right firm for lift servicing in Prescot, give them all the relevant information about your lift. The age, make, model and whether it is hydraulic or traction type. This enables them to give you the right quote for servicing contracts. It’s important that the building management stays alert to any complaints regarding the lift, no matter how serious or trivial they are. Contact Motion Elevators for expert lift servicing. Most lifts have a life span of at least twenty years, but poor maintenance and lack of regular servicing can reduce this. Routine inspections and timely attending to problems can extend the longevity and performance of your lift. Our team can ensure that your lift always stays in peak condition.

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