Lift Servicing in North Wales, Essential Part of Building Maintenance

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Lift Servicing in North WalesLift servicing in North Wales is an essential part of building maintenance. It is also a requirement for the safety of the people who use them. The responsibility of ensuring that the lifts in the building receive regular servicing lies with the manager or the owner of the building. All lifts are subject to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act and the General Application Regulations. As such, all lifts need to be regularly serviced by a competent person. We’re a professional company with the right credentials and experience. When you use our services, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to ensure that your lift or lifts are running smoothly, and safely.

Our clients rely on our expertise and professionalism. Thus, in North Wales, lift servicing by our team follows the manufacturer’s guidelines. Hence, we ensure that the lifts in your building will run smoothly and safely. Furthermore, you’ll have the assurance that your building meets current legislation. The frequency of the servicing necessary is dependent on the number and type of lifts, as well as how many levels there are in your building. Current regulations mean that you have an obligation to ensure that your building’s lifts remain in a safe working order.  Hence, regular servicing by a professional team is essential. Furthermore, if your lift is in a workplace building, it will also need thorough inspections at regular intervals in line with legislation.

Regular lift servicing in North Wales can keep your elevators running quietly, smoothly and reliably. However, it is also essential to use the services of an expert company. Let us assist. Furthermore, we take pride in our commitment to providing an exceptional service, and at competitive prices. We have been established since 1974, and during this time, we have gained the trust of our clients. Along with lift servicing, we also offer a comprehensive and thorough lift repair service. Contact Motion Elevators today for more details on our lift servicing. Our engineers are experienced with old and new systems. Our services include refurbishment, maintenance, repair and replacement. We are on call every day of the year, making it convenient for you should you need our services.

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