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Motion Elevators Ltd has been established since 1974. We are experts in installing and maintaining all types of lift and you can count on us for a friendly, professional service. Whether you want to install a lift in a building or a complex we will handle it professionally.

A dumbwaiter lift is an ancient tool whose functionality is still useful today. We offer 50kg or 100kg capacity dumbwaiter lifts. These handy lifts are used to transport bulky, light items including laundry, waste and retail goods from one floor to another within a building. They are particularly useful in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, among others where quick access to another floor to transport small loads is necessary. Our dumbwaiter lifts have a galvanised steel structure for strength and durability. The cars are finished in stainless steel. They operate on a reliable high efficiency traction drive and microprocessor controller.

We use high quality modern equipment to make and design our goods lifts. We will ensure that your goods are transported to their destination safely and efficiently. Our goods lifts can move items from 300kg to 10,000kg. We have the following types of lifts:

  • Hydraulic passenger lifts
  • Traction passenger lifts

You can transport small items such as food or documents in our dumb waiter lifts. You can also transport bulky but light items including laundry, waste and retail goods. If you want to install a goods lift, a platform lift or a dumb waiter lift in Wigan or anywhere else in the North West, you can count on Motion Elevators Ltd. Contact us today.

50kg or 100kg capacity dumbwaiters

These service level dumbwaiter lifts are available as two or three stop, single or through entry machines and come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure.

The maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily be adjusted on site.

All Advantage Dumbwaiters can be supplied with either single or 3-phase drives and all car and landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2 hour fire ratings as standard.

Dumbwaiter Specifications

Choose from brushed aluminium roller shutter doors or stainless steel vertical bi-parting doors for car entrance protection.

Capacity: 50kg or 100kg

Floors: 2 or 3 stop

Speed: 0.45m/s

Drive System: High efficiency traction drive

Power requirement: 240v (single) or 400v (3-phase)

Travel: 2 floor up to 4.0m (adjustable on site) or

3 floor up to 7.3m (adjustable on site)

Arrangements: Single or Through (adjustable on site),

2 floors up to 4 entrances or 3 floors up to 6 entrances

Structure: Galvanised steel structure

Car: Finished in stainless steel and removable mid-shelf

Landing Doors: Vertical bi-parting (Stainless Steel), 2 hour fire-rated & safety locks fitted

Control System: Microprocessor controller and automatic push

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