Dumb Waiter Lifts in Lancashire

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Dumb Waiter Lifts in LancashireMotion Elevators has the dumb waiter lifts in Lancashire you need for your two or three storey restaurant, bed and breakfast or even your own multi-level home. It’s an ancient tool whose functionality is still useful today. Our one and two level dumb waiters are labour saving devices for any industry that needs to continually move goods between floors. Our lifts are made to carry goods, not people. Installing dumb waiters means the laundress on the first floor can deliver fresh linens to the second and third floor and your housekeeping personnel can send soiled linens to the laundry. No more would people need to rush up and down stairs with clean or dirty linens. You can maintain one laundry facility on site that can easily serve all floors efficiently.

If your business is a hotel, restaurant or bed and breakfast then use our stainless steel dumbwaiter lifts to deliver fresh meals to the upper floors. In return, retrieve the dirty dishes after. In Lancashire, dumbwaiter lifts can send drinks and hors  d’oeuvres from the main level bar and kitchen to the second level waitress in the dining room.  Your employees will save time and effort and they won’t have to use the public elevators. You won’t have to be counting the cost of installing a second bar on the second floor or a second kitchen. Dumbwaiters are far more economical than the addition of kitchens, bars and laundry facilities. That’s one way they save you money but you may also be able to manage with less staff, which also saves money.

Our name, Motion Elevators, is well known for dumbwaiter lifts in Lancashire. Our dumbwaiters have a galvanized steel structure for strength and durability. The cars are finished in stainless steel. Our dumbwaiters operate on a reliable high efficiency traction drive and microprocessor controller. Contact Motion Elevators and we’ll help you work out how many lifts you need in a bank and show you where and how we can install them. Our dumbwaiters will save you money and improve your service time. For domestic residences, dumbwaiters are real time and energy savers. Moving laundry up and down, cleaning supplies or caring for an invalid, the new version of an old system still pulls its weight today.

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