Service Lifts in Blackpool

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Service Lifts in BlackpoolInstalled in a wide variety of businesses and buildings, service lifts in Blackpool are suitable for almost every environment. They aid in the facilitation of the transport of goods and offer a more flexible solution than other lifts due to not be intended for human use. We have been in the industry since 1974 and have a long and proven track record in the lift industry. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field and can offer reliable service. We are driven by our commitment to provide excellent customer service for your service repair and maintenance requirements.

Utilising electric traction for movement weight capacity has been reduced. In Blackpool, service lifts are vital for industries with requirements such as low headroom and reduced pits. Service lifts transport goods between multi-story buildings in an efficient and timely way. Safety and security are never compromised even though the lifts are not for human use. Our qualified team provide friendly and reliable service and handle both commercial and residential jobs.  We install passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and dumb waiters. Our platform lifts are also known as disabled access lifts for the use of people in wheelchairs. These lifts have a variety of options including automatic door openers, remote controls and customised colours and finishes.

We service, repair and install service lifts in Blackpool. You may want to modernise your lift equipment for a variety of reasons. These could be safety, code compliance, eco-efficiency or aesthetic reasons. Contact Motion Elevators today and discuss your requirements with our dedicated team. We offer a full range of modernisation solutions that include updating the interior of the lift or a full replacement of a lift in an existing lift shaft. Our 50kg and 100kg capacity Advantage dumbwaiters are available ex-stock and have been developed to meet the requirements of the short lead time market. The service level dumbwaiter lifts are available as a two or three stop, single or through entry machine and come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors.

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