Access Lifts in Preston

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Access Lifts in PrestonWith top-quality access lifts in Preston, you’ll be able to make your premises disabled friendly. At Motion Elevators, we have more than four decades’ experience in providing all types of lifts, platforms, wheelchair and disabled access lifts for commercial and residential clients. We believe that people with mobility restrictions need not feel deprived of access to spaces at higher/lower elevations. That’s why we offer our knowledge, experience and expertise in installation, repair and maintenance of such products across the North West and Wigan. Our qualified and dedicated team provides prompt, reliable, friendly and efficient services, no matter how large or small the project or problem is. We operate a 24-hour call-out for emergencies all the year round, so our clients can be assured of immediate response.

Disabled access lifts can make a dramatic difference to the quality of your life. In Preston, access lifts offer the perfect answer for people with disabilities who find it difficult or impossible to access the complete range of spaces available at home or the work-place. They may either become dependent on others or they confine their activities to a limited range of spaces. Dependency causes its own set of emotional problems like depression, social isolation, or low self-esteem. These lifts are a convenient and easy product for wheelchair users too. They can be used inside the home, or to access different elevations in your garden or grounds, in offices, public buildings, or entertainment areas. Platform lifts are convenient for both indoor and outdoor settings. They consist of a platform that can be lowered/raised on hydraulic or traction power.

You can also install closed, cabin type passenger lifts. Access lifts in Preston are available with automatic sliding doors. These lifts are easy to operate without having to leave the wheelchair, unlike chair or stair lifts. For more information about our access lifts, contact Motion Elevators. Our team of experienced technicians can help you with the entire process of installation, right from the design and planning stage. Each person’s requirements are different and their circumstances are unique. When you entrust the job to us, you get a completely customised solution, tailored to your needs, preferences and budget.

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