Platform Lifts in Leeds

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Platform Lifts in LeedsMotion Elevators provides and installs platform lifts in Leeds to cater to a wider demographic of people. From the disabled to those unable to use the stairs, platform lifts are an affordable alternative to providing access to buildings and floors. Motion Elevators has a proven track record in the lift industry. We provide quality lift services in both the domestic and commercial sector. Schools, hospitals and homes benefit from platform lifts as those on wheelchairs and scooters can also gain the same services in these institutions and more, without being restricted by accessibility. Buildings with multiple floors should consider installing platform lifts as not only are they easy to use, but they also operate quietly without causing a disruption to business.

Personal homes can be made comfortable again by having these lifts installed. In Leeds, platform lifts are a great option if you feel a ramp won’t do. They can be used in schools and other areas as well, as they are safe, cost effective and take up just enough space. They not only cater to the disabled, but the injured and visually impaired as well. Consider a hospital setting where carrying an injured person will cause more harm than good. Using the platform lift will make transportation easier and prevent further injuries from happening. Businesses also benefit from them. They come in handy especially when maneuvering stock. Body strains, sprains and fractures can be avoided by using the lifts for transporting heavy goods. Motion Elevators platform lifts comes with a flexible design to suit individual requirements. They also feature smooth adjustable movement and power saving technology. Moreover, they come with a wide range of options and accessories for true customer satisfaction.

Platform lifts in Leeds can make access to different levels in a building easier. For more information about our range of platform lifts, contact Motion Elevators today. We’ll advise on the right lift for a chosen particular space and provide installation services as well as maintenance packages and repairs and make sure to keep to the colour scheme.  You can also take advantage of our 24-hour call-out service if you need of emergency repairs or lift refurbishments.


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