Goods Lifts in Manchester

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Goods Lifts in ManchesterMotion Elevators offers a reliable service for goods lifts in Manchester. Lifts for people, lightweight products like food and laundry and lifts for heavy goods requiring attendants are our specialities. We make your workload lighter in many different ways throughout the day. Our goods lifts are especially useful and can be installed without major construction. The goods only lift is a free standing structure with all operation components built into the lift itself. Yet these lifts are incredibly sturdy and long lasting accommodating up to 2000 kg plus freight attendants. We guarantee the safety of our lifts and ease of operation. Our goods lifts are space savers too, requiring no additional space for an operation base.

Choose the size, doors and finish as options for your freight lift. No longer will your guests have to share the ride in Manchester goods lifts with attendants and freight. This gives your business the professional feel customers expect and it protects your goods in transit from floor to floor. These lifts carry serious weight such as machinery, large vats of products and more. For a multi-storey building, it means your storeroom can be on maybe the lowest level but you can transport your goods to any level easily and privately. We get the lifts installed professionally and in accordance with all safety measures. Our business has been established since 1974 installing all types of lifts. You can count on us for regular preventative maintenance and any repairs that may become necessary.

The fact that our goods lifts in Manchester has many options including doors sizes means there is a lift that will accommodate whatever goods you need transporting. Contact Motion Elevators and let us show you how easy and cost effective our goods lifts, elevators, dumbwaiters and handicapped roll on and off lifts are. We do professional quality work and professional looking work. When we’re finished installing, your lifts are going to look beautiful. We can blend them into your colour scheme for an attractive looking work assistant where before there was only wasted space.

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