Goods Lifts in Stockport

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Goods Lifts in StockportWhen you need to improve the safety and efficiency of your business, make sure you install top-quality goods lifts in Stockport. At Motion Elevators, we have a comprehensive range of lifts to cover all your requirements. We have a wide inventory of all kinds of lifts besides goods lifts and they include passenger lifts, disabled access lifts, dumbwaiters, and platform lifts. Our business was established in 1974 and since then, we have earned the reputation for being a reliable, professional, cost-effective and efficient service. Most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients throughout the North West of England. Our dedicated team of well-trained, qualified, experienced technicians and managers can help you select exactly the right product to match your needs, preferences and budget.

Our special goods only lifts are capable of lifting up to 20,000 kg rated loads. In Stockport, goods lifts supplied and installed by us are sturdy and can save you time and money while keeping your own customers safe and in good cheer. Our premium quality products create an excellent impression on your customers and your staff. These lifts are specially designed to transport goods and allow only one or two attendants to travel along with them. These lifts are different from conventional platform lifts as they are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and can guarantee safe and conveniently transportation of any kind of goods. They have a free-standing modular structure so you don’t need to undertake any major structural work or modifications to get them installed. This is a great solution when you have limited space, because it requires no machine room, or pit space. We offer a variety of options regarding size, dimensions, colours, and finishes.

All our goods lifts in Stockport conform to international quality and safety standards. They allow transportation of goods on trolleys, pallets, or loosely-packed goods. Since there is space for attendants, this ensures efficient and safe loading and unloading. For more information about our goods lifts, contact Motion Elevators. You can specify the number of stops you need, the door configuration, and the kind of indicator buttons you need  based on your requirements.

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