Vertical Platform Lifts in Manchester

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Vertical Platform Lifts in ManchesterVertical platform lifts in Manchester are perfect for those who use wheelchairs and scooters, and also moving goods up a floor or two. They are a good alternative to ramps and are able to provide everyone with accessibility to buildings. They give wheelchair users the ability to access their home as well. Vertical platform lifts are not limited to buildings, as they can be installed in private and public vehicles as well, including buses. At Motion Elevators, you’ll find the perfect vertical platform lifts to install in your home or vehicle so that you can cater to your disabled family member or friend. With our expertise, the installation process will be smooth and completed in no time with little disruption to your day.

We were first established in 1974 and since then, we’ve endeavoured to provide quality service to all our clients. In Manchester, vertical platform lifts from Motion Elevators come with a flexible design that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the overall design in the home. This means they can be installed right next to a set of stairs while keeping the integrity of the design. They require low space and come with smooth adjustable movement for easy handling and use. They also come with power saving technologies so you don’t have to worry about overshooting your power bills. Our vertical platform lifts come with a variety of options and accessories to cater to the individualistic needs of our clients. We not only cater to the installation of the lifts, but also handle repairs and refurbishments. If your lift is in need of repairs, our experts can rectify the problem in good time. We can also modernise your lift equipment in order to fulfil your requirements. This could be for improved safety, code compliance, to promote eco-efficiency or even simply for aesthetic reasons.

If you are looking for a company that provides vertical platform lifts in Manchester, contact Motion Elevators today. Our team of experts offers a full range of lift services. Our priority is customer safety and satisfaction and will provide services in order to fulfil these aspects.


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