Goods Lifts in Bolton

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Goods Lifts in BoltonWhen you have goods lifts in Bolton, you’ll be able to transport items from one floor to another with ease. Goods lifts are those in proper working condition and are made in a way that complies with the regulations set by the relevant body. They are safe and comfortable to use, with proper weight load management and come with safety and security measures in place. They are most common in commercial and hospitality buildings as they are used to transport items that hotels or offices may need to move from one place to another. These lifts are designed in a way that only at most two attendants can ride in it together with the goods. They can also be found in residential buildings and used to transport heavy furniture to higher apartments without having to hassle with the stairs.

Since 1974, Motion Elevators has established and maintained a long proven track record in the lift industry. In Bolton, goods lifts are not only supplied by us, but can also be installed by our trusted team. The types of lifts are also known to not require that much space, so they won’t interfere with the integrity of the building and also won’t encroach on space that has been allocated to something else. Our goods lifts have a freestanding modular structure that translates to not needing any major construction work during the installation process. We provide you with excellent friendly and reliable service. Our customers are important to us, and their satisfaction is something we do not take lightly. We strive to meet your requirements in all aspects related to lifts. This includes the installation, as well as repair, servicing and maintenance. Whether it’s in the commercial sector or the domestic area, we are more than happy to handle all your lift needs.

There are a number of advantages to goods lifts in Bolton. For more information about our range of lifts and services, contact Motion Elevators today. We have a variety of sizes, cars, doors and finishes available to suit your needs. We are also experts in the service of other types of lifts, such as platform lifts, passenger lifts and dumb waiter lifts.

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