Goods Lifts in Chester

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Goods Lifts in ChesterAllocated space for service equipment such as goods lifts in Chester should be included in the design of any high rise building.  This machinery is vital for the movement of all goods and equipment needed on the different floors. Whether the building s residential or commercial there will be bulky items that cannot fit comfortably into a passenger lift. There may also be occupants who need to deliver their produce and cannot use the passenger lift to the detriment of the other residents. They offer a more flexible solution than other lifts due to the fact that they are not intended for human use. They are suitable for almost every environment and are an added attraction when considering renting an office or apartment.

There are many different types of lifts that are fitted into buildings such as passenger lifts and dumb waiter lifts. In Chester, goods lifts or service lifts sometimes utilise electric traction for movement which allows for reduced weight capacity. This can be vital for industries where low headroom and reduced pits are a requirement. They are quickly and easily installed, some will only take a matter of days to be fully functional.  The goods lift does not compromise safety or security in any way and will transport items between multi story buildings in an efficient and timely way. They generally take up a lot less space than other lifts and can help to improve the level of productivity in a company.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of goods lifts in Chester and are driven by our commitment to provide excellent customer service. Contact Motion Elevators today and we will visit you to design a lift suitable for your unique purposes. Our company was established in 1974 to provide passenger and goods lifts in Liverpool and throughout the North West.  We supply a number of different lift options depending on their use. We have passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and dumbwaiters. Our company operates a 24 hour call out service all year round to give you complete peace of mind. In case of a breakdown our experienced and dedicated team will resolve it quickly and efficiently. We also refurbish and repair lifts of all makes and models.

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