Disabled Lifts in Southport

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Disabled Lifts in SouthportThere is an increase in the need for disabled lifts in Southport due to a large number of people with disabilities in the UK. It is estimated that there are over 9 million people living with some sort of disability which affects their daily life. This is made more difficult as older buildings were not built to take disability access into account. The Equality Act 2010 is a document which was created to give the disabled the same service as able-bodied people. The Act makes it a duty to make building adjustments to ensure reasonable access for all. This includes the fitting of ramps, stairway lifts and automatic doors as well as widening doorways and providing clearer lighting and signs. In many cases, platform lifts are the chosen form of access for wheelchair users in commercial and business buildings.

It is only right that everyone has access to all buildings in the UK. In Southport, disabled lifts can be installed in most buildings with a minimum of trouble. The wheelchair lift has a low space requirement and can be unobtrusively installed next to a staircase which will allow mobility impaired people to ascend on the platform lift. These devices are often installed in homes as an alternative to stairlifts as they can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The SB200 is a screw driven vertical platform lift made from high-quality materials and designed to meet not only looks but function.

We service, repair and install disabled lifts in Southport. Contact Motion Elevators today and discuss your requirements with our dedicated team. You may want to modernise your lift equipment for a variety of reasons. These could be safety, code compliance, eco-efficiency or aesthetic reasons. We offer a full range of modernisation solutions that include updating the interior of the lift or a full replacement of a lift in an existing lift shaft. Our 50kg and 100kg capacity Advantage dumbwaiters are available ex-stock and have been developed to meet the requirements of the short lead time market. The service level dumbwaiter lifts are available as a two or three stop, single or through entry machine and come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors.

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