Disabled Lifts in Liverpool

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Disabled Lifts in LiverpoolInstalling disabled lifts in Liverpool residential or commercial buildings will go a long way in easing the locomotion for those in need. Built with a particular client in mind, these lifts will provide total peace of mind to the disabled, since the guesswork of getting to a particular floor will be eliminated. Whether it’s a wheelchair lift or platform lift, or a through the floor, you can get the design you need at Motion Elevators. Our most popular disabled lifts designs are the SB200 vertical platform lift and the RB150 wheelchair lift. Each comes with its own benefits and unique finished design, but they both add to the ease of those in need.

The SB200 is perfect for the home setting, making everyday life much more enjoyable. In Liverpool, disabled lifts such as this one require low space and provide a high level of security. With its power-saving technology and smart digital control system, you won’t have to worry about overshooting your electric bill. Its smooth, adjustable movement makes it easy to handle. It can be installed into an existing shaft or its own shaft constructed with special multilayered steel or glass type panels. The RB150 provides an internal or external level up of up to 3 meters. It can be installed in both domestic and commercial buildings and is also a good alternative to a fully enclosed platform lift. This space saving and cost effective design is perfect for installation in buildings with little to no alterations required. Just like the SB200, it is simple to install and use. It also requires low space and has overall low maintenance and running costs. Anyone with a wheelchair will greatly benefit from it.

Since 1974, Motion Elevators has been providing disable lifts in Liverpool, among other designs. We provide professional and friendly services, striving to meet all your installation, maintenance and repair requirements. Contact Motion Elevators for all your elevator needs. We operate around-the-clock service all through the year, putting us in a good position to cater for emergency services as well. We also provide passenger, goods and dumb waiter lifts.

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