Wheelchair Lifts in Bolton

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Wheelchair Lifts in BoltonMotion Elevators will install wheelchair lifts in Bolton in your home, church, business office, medical facility, school and more. Our lifts are designed and installed for the greatest ease of use by those who depend on wheelchairs for mobility. The lifts are simple to operate and may not require assistance from anyone other than the user. The wheelchair and occupant simply roll onto the enclosed platform which is secure with automatic door openers or it can be controlled remotely. Usually, there is no need to interfere with the existing construction to install a wheelchair lift.  Our lifts take up very little space. We offer colours and finishes to compliment your current decor. In no way are our wheelchair lifts a detraction; on the contrary, they are low profile in design and often go unnoticed.

Building entry levels may be eight steps below the main level which is easily navigated by most people but a huge obstacle for wheelchair users. For those with mobility challenges in Bolton, wheelchair lifts are the most manoeuvrable solution. For moving between whole floors, elevators serve the purpose for everyone. However, if your building has multiple partial levels to be negotiated without accommodation for disabled individuals, then your building is not handicap friendly. Therefore your building is not accessible to those with whom disabled individuals associate or their caregivers. The floor design is pleasant and open but impossible to negotiate for many.  Our lifts span level changes from 600 mm up to 3000 mm.

Wheelchair lifts in Bolton serve those who are in wheelchairs and their companions or caregivers. However, they also serve those who have difficulty climbing stairs due to prosthetics, arthritis, old age and moms with baby prams. Contact Motion Elevators and let us give you a free estimate for a more handicapped friendly building. For private homeowners, our wheelchair lifts might be a solution for access from ground level to porch. We have models to suit most any environment. Motion Elevators have been in business since 1974 building a reputation for dependability and customer service for all elevator and lift needs, including installation, maintenance and repair.

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