Wheelchair Lifts in Wigan

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Wheelchair Lifts in WiganGet top-quality, safe and comfortable wheelchair lifts in Wigan from the experts. At Motion Elevators, we have established a robust reputation for excellent products, practical solutions, affordable pricing and most importantly, for our customer-centric approach. No matter how major or minor your requirement, we are glad to help you with it. Being a local business, we have more than four decades’ experience in the vertical transportation sector within commercial and domestic buildings. Along with our personalised and customised services, we ensure that our clients across the region and beyond have access to the best of international trends, products and technologies in the markets today.

Our services include sale, installation, maintenance and repair of a comprehensive range of lifts. In Wigan, wheelchair lifts are a boon for those who suffer from restricted mobility. Often, wheelchair-bound persons find themselves limited to lower floors of the building. They have to avoid many places that don’t provide convenient access to upper floors. Today, it’s important for most public and commercial buildings to provide such access to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. Wheelchair lifts are also known as platform lifts or vertical platform lifts. They raise the wheelchair for people to overcome barriers and access more suitable areas to transport themselves. They are a good alternative to stairlifts and provide more stability over shorter heights. They can be installed in homes or businesses, or even in public transportation like buses and trains. Outdoor installations should be protected from exposure to rain and sun to prevent rust and damage.

Wheelchair lifts in Wigan can be quite expensive for individuals to install, but there are many insurance and government funding schemes to help you with financing. You can consult our in house mobility experts to help you select the right product for your needs, preferences and budget. These lifts offer a smooth, safe transportation to different levels in the building. For more information about our wheelchair lifts, contact Motion Elevators. You don’t have to miss out on family or office parties and events that are held on upper floors of the building. The right wheelchair lift goes a long way in increasing your social life.

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