Disabled Lifts in Bolton

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Disabled Lifts in BoltonWith top quality disabled lifts in Bolton from Motion Elevators, you’ll ensure safety, convenience and dignity. We completely understand the need to make all parts of a building accessible to the widest possible range of users. Today, we have legislation in the UK that ensures that disabled should be given the same set of privileges and services as abled people. Persons with orthopaedic, neurological, visual or developmental disability may need to move between different areas, whether it’s their home, healthcare facility or workplace. People who use wheelchairs may feel that they are dependent on others to help them move around, especially if they need to access upper floors. Our range of disabled friendly lifts gives you the freedom and independence to get about without needing someone else’s help. Once these lifts are installed, you become mobile, without the need for constant supervision. Many of these products move slower than traditional lifts so that you feel safer and more secure in them.

In buildings in Bolton, disabled lifts may appear quite similar to conventional ones at first glance. However, there are minimum dimensions that have to be maintained to allow easy access for wheelchairs. Sometimes, the lift car may also need to accommodate a companion or attendant. Hence, they have to be quite large. Usually, disabled lifts are marked by different colour doors or signs that allow persons with disability to locate and identify them quickly. There may be a strip of material in a different texture at the entrance with braille markings for the visually impaired. The doors should also be in compliance with certain regulations. They should be automatic and sliding, and remain open for a slightly longer time. Disabled lift buttons are positioned at a lower level for wheelchair access. Apart from visual signals indicating the floor, there should also be sound signals.

The lighting for disabled lifts in Bolton should be bright without causing unnecessary glare. These lifts ensure that a person with disability has social integration and the lifts promote psychological well-being due to a barrier free environment at home, workplace and public building. For more information about our disabled lifts, contact Motion Elevators. We also offer a repair and maintenance service on all the lifts we install.

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