Wheelchair Lifts in Southport

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Wheelchair Lifts in SouthportThe installation of wheelchair lifts in Southport have started to become standard in several buildings. The empowerment of people with disabilities has meant that more people have access to high-quality wheelchairs in the North West. These wheelchairs have improved on their quality of life by enabling them to move independently around the city without being tethered to a caregiver. Many companies in the region are seeking to make their workspaces more easily accessible by people with disabilities. In order to support equal opportunities for people with disabilities, several disabled access lifts have been commissioned. Our lifts are built to the highest standards in the industry and our reputation testifies to our quality.

With close to 50 years of experience in the business, our company offers one of the best lift installation services in the country. In Southport, wheelchair lifts are popular in new high rise apartment buildings in consideration of their clientele. The presence of a disabled access lift in your building has become a major point of interest for potential long-term rentals. Wheelchair lifts also raise the value and appeal of your apartment building. If you plan early, the installation of a disabled access lift will not make a big difference in your construction budget. However, trying to install a wheelchair lift in a finished building is quite challenging.

Our company supplies a wide range of wheelchair lifts in Southport. We equip hotels, hospitals, offices and apartment buildings with the best elevators in the industry. For your convenience, our disabled access range of lifts comes in a variety of customisable colours and finishes. The lifts also have easily accessible remote controls and automatic door openers. Contact Motion Elevators today for more information about our systems and pricing. Our well-trained staff is available to sit and discuss the options that would best suit your building design. As a result of the increased demand for disabled access lifts and equipment, it is quite common for contractors to install wheelchair lifts instead of ordinary elevators in their buildings.

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