Goods Lifts in North Wales

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Goods Lifts in North WalesOur goods lifts in North Wales are designed and manufactured using high quality modern equipment. Goods lifts are a type of vertical transportation that moves goods and people between the floors of a building. They are generally powered by electric motors that drive traction cables. There are also hydraulic lifts available. The first lifts were made way back over 2000 years ago. They were either raised or lowered by hand or by means of draught animals. They were nothing like the lifts we use today. There was a screw drive lift used in the Russian Winter Palace. In the mid 19th century lifts were operated with steam power and were used for moving bulk goods.

There is obviously a great difference between the early lifts and today’s modern machines. In North Wales, goods lifts are found in all high-rise buildings and it is often the only way to get large items into an upper story of a business or residential property. Safety has become one of the overriding factors and the machines incorporate many fail safe mechanisms. Our goods lift is designed especially to be able to carry bulky items that weigh anywhere from 300kg to 10,000kg. These individually designed machines ensure that goods are transported to their destination safely and efficiently. All machinery needs to be regularly serviced and routine maintenance is as important for goods lifts as it is for passenger lifts.

Our company was established in 1974 to provide passenger and goods lifts in North Wales and throughout the North West. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field and are driven by our commitment to provide excellent customer service. Contact Motion Elevators today and we will visit you to design a lift suitable for your unique purposes. We supply a number of different lift options depending on their use. We have passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and dumbwaiters. Our company operates a 24-hour call out service all year round to give you complete peace of mind. In case of a breakdown our experienced and dedicated team will resolve it quickly and efficiently. We also refurbish and repair lifts of all makes and models.

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