Lift Servicing In Leeds

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Lift Servicing In LeedsRegular lift servicing in Leeds helps to keep your building safe and convenient for occupants. At Motion Elevators, we believe firmly in the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Established in 1974 and based in Wigan, we have extended our customer base successfully to serve the whole of the North West. We retain all the traditional values of a local business even as we grow and this means maintaining strong, enduring ties in every community that we service. We are proactive about our customers’ safety and comfort, no matter how big or small their requirements. Our range of top-quality products includes passenger and platform lifts, dumb-waiters, disabled access lifts, goods only lifts and vehicle lifts. We are an approved organization by prestigious bodies like Lift Cert, Lift and Escalator Industry Association and are also Safe Contractor approved.

As well as for safety in Leeds, lift servicing by our highly trained, experienced technicians helps building owners and stakeholders to stay in compliance with regulations. The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) is the regulatory body that ensures safety of such equipment in the UK. All owners of lifts have a duty of care under this regulation. It also applies to facilities managers and supervisors who are responsible for the safe operation of lifts. They also need to maintain detailed records and signed reports of all work carried out on the lift, however minor they may be.

It’s important to have the right information about lift servicing in Leeds. To find out more about our lift servicing, contact us today. Signing a maintenance contract with a reliable professional organisation like ours is the first step. Many clients are confused about how often servicing should be done. This depends on the kind of lift, number of floors in the building, type and frequency of usage. In the course of a maintenance visit, our technicians check all the safety features and make a note of potential issues. Following this, a thorough cleaning, lubrication and component adjustment is done. During this time, the lift is out of operation, so it’s important to keep the building occupants informed well in advance.  

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