Lift Servicing in Leeds

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Lift Servicing in LeedsA lift is also known as an elevator and will need regular lift servicing in Leeds as it carries people and if not properly maintained could cause fatal accidents. It is a vertical transport system that moves people and goods between floors in a building. It is usually installed in buildings with many floors where climbing stairs is not practical. The elevator is normally powered by electric motors that use cables and counterweights or hydraulic pistons to raise the cabin containing the goods or people. Ancient Rome had very primitive elevators that were supported by hemp ropes and driven by animals. Lifts used to be quite dangerous and were normally only used for goods but as buildings grew in height new lifts had to be designed for carrying people safely.

All machinery needs to be routinely maintained especially machinery that conveys people. In Leeds, lift servicing is the most important part of all building maintenance. The elevator needs to be checked regularly to ensure all the cables and motors are in good working order. The emergency stop buttons and communication systems must be available to be used by anyone accidently caught in a lift. Power failures cannot be avoided and provision needs to be made in case of power outages. Most lifts have air conditioning units to facilitate the influx of fresh, breathable air into the otherwise sealed lift unit.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of lift servicing in Leeds and are driven by our commitment to provide excellent customer service. Contact Motion Elevators today and we will visit you to design a suitable maintenance schedule for your lift. Our company was established in 1974 to provide passenger and goods lifts in Liverpool and throughout the North West.  We supply a number of different lift options depending on their use. We have passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods lifts and dumbwaiters. Our company operates a 24 hour call out service all year round to give you complete peace of mind. In case of a breakdown our experienced and dedicated team will resolve it quickly and efficiently. We also refurbish and repair lifts of all makes and models.

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