Lift Servicing in Sheffield

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Lift Servicing in SheffieldLift servicing in Sheffield is carried out by Motion Elevators either upon request or as a contractual agreement to meet the Health and Safety Laws of the UK. The laws require safety in design, construction and installation when brought into use and then are required to meet maintenance standards to keep it safe for those who use it. Equipment failures in lifts can result in injury and fatalities so vigilance in maintenance is essential. The frequency of maintenance inspections depends on the frequency of use. So the inspections could be weekly, monthly or quarterly with needed repairs undertaken immediately. In addition, the operational mechanisms of the lift should be thoroughly examined twice a year. Some refurbishment may be necessary as in the replacement of worn parts.

Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), a competent person should undertake the inspection and maintenance of lifts. In Sheffield, lift servicing is best carried out by Motion Elevators. As a well-established elevator installation company, our intricate understanding of the operation surpasses that of anyone outside the industry. The law only specifies a competent person conduct the inspection. Fortunately, we are not only competent to inspect but also maintain, refurbish and repair where and when needed. Really, who better to do the job? It’s more efficient if we carry out both inspection and maintenance. There’s no need for lag time with the lift out of commission while reports are awaited from inspectors and maintenance is scheduled with professionals.

We’ve been in lift servicing in Sheffield, as well as installation, repair and refurbishment for 45 years. Our reputation for quality products and services is well known. Contact Motion Elevators for installation and service of all types of lifts, even those that lift goods instead of people. We specialise in all areas offering a comprehensive service with one phone call. When a dumb waiter slows service in your restaurant or hotel or a supply elevator fails in operation, business as usual is interrupted. Regular checks for worn parts or other problems affecting smooth and safe operation of your lift can prevent breakdowns and allow your equipment to last longer. Keep it safe by sticking with the experts at Motion Elevators.

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