Lift Servicing in Chester

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Lift Servicing in ChesterScheduling regular lift servicing in Chester is one of the most important aspects of property maintenance if you are a building manager. That’s right, if a building has a lift that has not been serviced for years, firemen and other government bodies may deem the building as a hazardous place. Therefore, to make sure that residents and employees all are safe using the building lifts, get in touch with our engineers at Motion Elevators for a maintenance service. Lifts with poor lighting or poor flooring can leave a bad impression and a feeling of neglect on visitors as well as potential residents.

With the help of our engineers and technicians, you can restore your lift with quality LED lighting and a wide range of lift interiors. In Chester, lift servicing will also include checking various electrical components, the hoists, buttons, as well as the emergency call button. When it comes to lifts, the safety of your users is our priority. During a lift servicing, we will check and repair important parts of the lift as well as ensure that it is safe and secure. If you choose our refurbishment service, we will update your service and modernise the lifts to increase its performance as well as make it compliant with the latest rules and regulations. We offer a top-quality service, and our lift servicing is carried out only by a team of top professionals and engineers who have been trained and qualified in this specific field. We will respond to your call for a service whether we installed the lift or the installation was carried out by another company, our dedicated team will help you meet your objectives.

Besides lift servicing in Chester, we can also maintain and repair your dumbwaiter lifts, goods lift, platform lifts and disabled access lifts. Should you require a new installation as well, we can help with it. For more details about our services, contact Motion Elevators. We offer a comprehensive service, and whether it’s safety issues, code compliance, eco-efficiency, or aesthetic reasons, you won’t find better than Motion Elevators.

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