Lift Servicing in Liverpool

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Lift Servicing in LiverpoolLift servicing in Liverpool by Motion Elevators is one of our many services. It doesn’t matter the type of lift or the brand or who originally installed it. We install all types of lifts, so it’s natural that we would be a good choice for dependable and professional servicing. We are committed to public safety and that comes first, always. But we know we also have to keep people and products moving in the workplace. Our company invests in new technology and updated training for our mechanics to carry out maintenance and repairs quickly and safely. We want your customers to ride in comfort. Regular servicing and maintenance that goes beyond government regulations will meet the need for dependability, safety and comfort.

The lift is a simple idea that designers and manufacturers have been improving since the rope and basket was first used to sneak a cat in the house. Many years ago in Liverpool, lift servicing was seen to by the elevator operator who pushed the buttons for riders to go up and down. The operator developed an ear for the movement of those cables and pulleys and knew who to call when the ride got bumpy or strange noises were heard from the workings within. The elevators we install today are sleek, fast, smooth and mostly self-operating. Not only are they computerised but they can be designed to rise at an angle to follow the shape of a building. The push is on to make controls and therefore controls rooms more space saving.

The need for lift servicing in Liverpool is one thing that never changes. The tools and equipment we use may change but the need for onsite testing, visual examination of parts and timely replacement of components does not change. Motion Elevators has a long history of professional installation. We offer maintenance contracts to keep building owners compliant with lift maintenance regulations. We carry out repairs and when needed and can completely refurbish a lift, bringing it up to all safety and operational standards. Contact Motion Elevators to discuss new lift installation, maintenance and repairs. We also serve the domestic sector. If you need service for your home lift we are happy to accommodate.

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