Lift Servicing in York

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Lift Servicing in YorkRegular lift servicing in York keeps your lift running smoothly, safe and in top condition. Motion Elevators provides premium quality installation, repair and maintenance services for lifts, passenger lifts and dumb waiters. While we are based in the Wigan area, our client base extends throughout the North West. We are Safe Contractor approved, and are certified by Ukas, Construction Line and SSIP. We also have membership of prestigious bodies like LEIA (Lift and Elevator Industry Association).

Our team of highly trained, experienced experts can respond quickly in any kind of situation. In York, lift servicing offered by us conforms to the best practices in the industry. While choosing the right company for servicing your lifts, it’s important to understand why you require such a service. If your lift is manufactured by one of the leading brands, they provide an annual maintenance contract and a five or six year warranty. However, you may wish to discontinue this manufacturer provided service after the guarantee period. You need to ensure that you select the right company. It’s important to choose a local service, because they can respond instantly in case of an emergency. We have many decades’ experience in this industry and being a local firm, we have established strong ties in the communities we serve. Along with this, we offer our clients the best of service, information, technology and products available across international markets.

Many people make the mistake of contracting with a lift servicing company in York that offers the cheapest rates. This can be quite dangerous and unreliable as they may not have the equipment, training or experience to deal with problems. Since 1974 we have provided our customers with a top quality service that has ensured our excellent reputation. If you need a professional company that provides lift servicing, contact Motion Elevators. You can rely on our expert team to service your building’s lifts to the highest of standards. Lift servicing should be done on a regular basis to ensure the smooth operation and safety of your building’s lifts. We also design and make numerous types of lifts, including service lifts, good lifts, passenger lifts and dumbwaiter lifts.

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