Lift Servicing in North Wales

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Lift Servicing in North WalesLift servicing in North Wales is essential for the safety of the people who use them. All elevators need an annual examination for safe and reliable operation and will receive a certificate stating the lift has been inspected and is safe for use. It is advisable to conduct maintenance service of your lift frequently so that you can detect loose screws and squeaky wheels as early as possible. Monthly maintenance will pick up any problem long before they become an issue. The size and frequency of use of a lift play a large role in scheduling maintenance. The busier a lift is and the height it travels will mean more frequent service schedules.

If you are the owner or manager of a building you are responsible for the mechanical well being of the machinery in the building. In North Wales, lift servicing is vitally important to ensure the lift does not break down. It involves ensuring that no accidents or breakdowns occur. Regular lift services help to avoid the replacement of major parts and prolong the life of the lift. The main aim of a regular maintenance is to analyse the condition of all parts of the lift including all the mechanisms and devices involved in smooth lift operation. The thorough inspection will be able to predict the risk and probability of accidents and provide remedial maintenance to avoid this happening.

As elevators carry people, they need regular lift servicing in North Wales. With regular maintenance and servicing they can run uninterrupted for many years. Contact Motion Elevators today to discuss your lift requirements with one of our experts. Our company was established in 1974 and has a long and proven track record in the lift industry. We can design a lift or vertical platform for almost any space. Our innovative designs can be incorporated by the architect in the planning phase of building or added into a refurbishment in an older building. We can design the shafts of the lift out of special multilayered steel panels or tempered safety glass panels. A maximum of three doors can be installed on each floor to allow maximum accessibility.

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