Lift Servicing in Leigh – Efficient, Reliable and Professional

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Lift Servicing in LeighCount on the experts at Motion Elevators for lift servicing in Leigh. We’ve been carrying out servicing, repairs, refurbishment and new installations since 1974 throughout the North West. Lifts were once considered a convenience; sometimes even a luxury. For a good long while people have considered them essential. Without elevators nobody would have built a high rise, Mums with baby carriages, the elderly and the handicapped patronise only buildings that accommodate them. Today, that is most buildings. Landlords with lifts can charge considerably more rent than those without. Nobody wants to drag themselves up 3 flights of stairs with kiddies and shopping totes after a long day at work. We can’t live without them.

What we can do without is lifts that are out of service for whatever reason. In Leigh, lift servicing can minimise those events. Lifts have a lot of moving parts and those parts need to be checked for wear, lubricated, adjusted and sometimes replaced. There is also an increasing amount of technology in many lifts today so what could go wrong? We conduct service checks and maintenance to make sure the lift works safely and smoothly. Regular servicing also extends the service life of the elevator. There are government regulations in place for the servicing and maintenance of lifts. The regulations vary according to work or residential use. All building owners and managers of buildings with lifts have an obligation to ensure public safety within their premises.

We are often asked how often lift servicing in Leigh should be carried out. The answer is, it depends. It depends on the age of the lift and the amount of use it receives every day. If you have two elevators in your building going from the basement to the 4th floor, each will last longer than if you just had one. Contact Motion Elevators and we can advise on the frequency of servicing for your particular lifts. Our lift servicing is for all types of lifts. If you have platform lifts for material moving or those that accommodate wheelchairs and baby carriages, they need servicing too. Elevators in private homes need an occasional lift servicing as well. You can depend on our expertise and friendly service to keep you safe.

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