Professional Lift Repair in Eccles, Promptly and Expertly Completed

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Lift repair in EcclesLift repair in Eccles is often required at the time of maintenance service. It is at that time that our engineers at Motion Elevators are likely to spot worn and damaged parts that need replacement. Preventative maintenance includes lubricating moving parts, replacing worn parts, using our equipment to test and adjust your lift mechanisms and maintaining the equipment room. Major repairs that must be carried out before the lift is operable might include replacement of cables, motors, hydraulic pumps, elevator doors, control panels and bearings. Besides maintenance and repair crews, we also have specialist adjusters. Their knowledge of the electronics, electricity and computers that operate the lifts will keep the lift working according to specifications and precise starts and stops.

We respond to emergency calls promptly and arrive thoroughly equipped to handle any eventuality. Safety is always our first consideration so in Eccles, lift repair is carried out professionally and according to the latest regulations. Sometimes the best way to proceed is a complete refurbishment instead of constant bit by bit replacements. Our team is fully qualified to undertake complete refurbishment of your lifts. Of course, we also install new Lifts of all types. That includes all commercial lifts, service lifts, handicap accessible, home lifts and more. Our company has been established since 1974 and we are proud that our customers continue to place their trust in us.

For lift repair in Eccles, you can count on our team at Motion Elevators. We will keep your lifts running safely and smoothly and keep you in compliance with regulations. Lifts are a significant investment but when they are not maintained they become a liability. All types of lifts including personal home equipment are included in our sphere of expertise. Even dumb waiters in need of repair can slow down service for restaurants, hospitals and hotels. Platform lifts serve many needs but when they are in need of repair, handicapped persons can’t avail themselves of your services. Contact us for a dependable full service lift repair company. We make it easy for you to keep your lifts safe and operational.

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